John Galliano for Dior Maasai Collier de Chien Pink Iridescent Choker Necklace

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Product Description

  • An exceptionally rare and lovely John Galliano for Dior Maasai Collier de Chien necklace from his early years at Dior
  • The Maasai necklace quickly became a recurrent theme in his work, first appearing in 1997 as a critical part of Charlize Theron's wildly famous editorial introducing Dior J'Adore perfume
  • The bottle of the new perfume featured an replica of the necklace in the same gold necklace shown in the ad. From the late 90's
  • The stunning petal pink iridescent shade is among the rarest (never saw another for sale and it came from overseas) and most sought after of the colorways.

Modern Vintage Condition

  • AB Next to new
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