Auction House

Over the past 25 years, John Hadeed (Space Lace Gallery Director) has worked in diverse market conditions. As a founding voice of the Vintage movement, John helped establish the market place for vintage fashion. Once historic fashions became more accepted, John continued his work maintaining the value and relevancy of rare fashion, past and present.

For too long, sellers of the world’s finest fashion have had to seek out many different solutions for the disposition of distinguished garments, costume jewelry, textiles and accessories. John endeavored to create a solution for today’s new market place that would finally offer sellers a comprehensive set of solutions to best match individual needs, be it instant liquidity or an industry best for length of time used for best-efforts consignments. Space Lace works with Sellers to create customized solutions for unique circumstances.

Our Auction House Services

I. Consignment

Leverage our diverse client platforms to sell your fine fashion items. Start your conversation with a Space Lace evaluation expert.

Learn how consignments with us work here

II. Auction

Draw upon our decades of historic experience to position your fine fashion items for live auction using today’s most advanced spot market platforms and techniques. Schedule a conversation with an auction specialist here, or text now +1 415.990.3040.

III. Private Placement

When public markets are not the order of the day, we tap into our deep network to match buyers and sellers directly, offering highly personalized optionality.

IV. Deaccessions & Estate Evaluations

For decades, John has expertly and compassionately advised many individuals, families and trusts in the disposition of prominent estates during every market cycle. Whether you are an heir, trust, collector or simply looking to edit your closet, John will help you create a plan. Even for items outside of of the fashion realm, we are able to offer extensive referrals and market insight. Schedule a time to speak with our Valuation Services Director today on our 24-7 textline +1 415-980-3040 or email here.